Trainer Tip – Dumbbell Upright Row

The dumbbell upright row is a staple in my workout routine, which mainly targets the medial deltoid. To start, grab a pair of dumbbells that fits your strength level and stand with your feet hip [...]

Trainer Tip- Standing Single Arm Cable Row

One of my favorite exercises that I like to do to strengthen my back, is the standing single arm cable row (mainly latissimus dorsi).  Not only do you develop a stronger and more defined back, [...]

Landmine Exercise part 2 – Upper Body

The landmine is a foreign term for a lot of people in the gym, but a landmine is simply a loaded one sided barbell that you do exercises on.  The benefits of using a landmine include, total body [...]

Trainer Tip – Dumbbell Chest Press

The dumbbell chest press is one of my favorite exercises to build strength in my chest, and my triceps as well as my shoulders see a strength benefit from it as well.  However, a common error [...]

Trainer Tip – Think “Big Chest” When Working Your Back!

Developing a strong, well developed back is crucial for proper posture, preventing imbalances and injuries, and a strong back also looks really good as well!  The main cue that I give my clients, [...]

Trainer Tip – Lunges

If you’re wanting to build lower body strength, doing lunges should be a part of your routine!  Benefits of lunges include core stabilization, building overall lower body strength, balance, it’s [...]

Trainer Tip – Jacob’s Ladder

The Jacob’s Ladder is a very unique piece of equipment in that it offers a total body workout (with more focus on the lower body), can be trained aerobically and anaerobically, but with very low [...]

Trainer Tip – Rowing Circuit

I frequently like to finish my workout with some high intensity cardio.  There are numerous ways to go about it, but one of my favorite ways is to do a rowing circuit on the rower.  Actually, [...]

Trainer Tip – Barbell Bent Over Row

The barbell bent over row is one of my favorite exercises to do for my back.  When done properly, you develop great strength, mass, and it also helps develop proper posture.  To begin, grab the [...]

Trainer Tip – Push-Up Variations

Push-ups are a great exercise to help build upper body strength, mainly in the chest and triceps.  However, once you have mastered a standard push-up, it’s now time to challenge yourself with [...]

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