Trainer Tip – Think “Big Chest” When Working Your Back!

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Developing a strong, well developed back is crucial for proper posture, preventing imbalances and injuries, and a strong back also looks really good as well!  The main cue that I give my clients, and one I keep for myself as well when working my back is to think, “big chest.”  For example, when doing a seated seated cable row, you should pull your elbows as far back as you can.  As you pull your elbows back, throw your chest up as big and wide as you possibly can.  You can even test this as you’re reading this.  Try pulling your elbows back with your chest caved in, then pull your elbows back and throw up your chest.  By throwing up your chest big and wide, you will get a full retraction of the shoulder blades, and proper back development as well!  Remember, you should always be getting the most out of your training.  The next time you are working your back, think “BIG CHEST!”

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