Trainer Tip – Push-Up Variations

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Push-ups are a great exercise to help build upper body strength, mainly in the chest and triceps.  However, once you have mastered a standard push-up, it’s now time to challenge yourself with some different variations.  Here are 5 different types of push-ups you can do that requires no equipment!
Power push-ups: Just like a regular push-up, but this time when you come up, try bringing your hands off the ground.  Doing power push-ups will activate more of your fast twitch muscle fibers.
Push-up with a shoulder tap: Do a push-up, then tap your left shoulder with your right hand, then your right shoulder with your left hand.  Try to keep your hips from moving.  This one is a great way to work your core and work on balance.
Spider push-ups.  This one is pretty challenging.  As you are going down, bring your left knee out wide towards your elbow.  The next rep, do the same with your right knee.  Doing spider push-ups targets your obliques, along with your chest and triceps.
Tempo push-up.  Just like a regular push-up, but go down slow (3-5 seconds), and come up just like normal.  Taking longer to complete each rep will quickly fatigue your muscles.
Diamond push-up: This is the most challenging of the 5 in my opinion.  Make a diamond with your hands, and do push-up with your hands under your chest.  With such a close grip, your really target your inner chest and triceps.

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