Trainer Tip- Standing Single Arm Cable Row

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One of my favorite exercises that I like to do to strengthen my back, is the standing single arm cable row (mainly latissimus dorsi).  Not only do you develop a stronger and more defined back, but you really get great core work as well with this exercise.  To begin, set the cable at roughly stomach level, then grab the grip with one hand.  With your feet hip to shoulder width apart, or one foot in front of the other, keep your knees slightly bent as you pull your elbow as far back behind as you can without rotating your body.  With your other hand either on your hip or stomach, you really want to focus on not rotating your body as you pull your elbow back, because it will take tension off of the back and core.  I personally prefer the single arm cable row to the double arm cable row.  The reason for this, is because doing a single arm cable row allows me to pull each elbow back further, which gives me full flexion and full range of motion for my latissimus dorsi.

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