Landmine Exercise part 2 – Upper Body

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The landmine is a foreign term for a lot of people in the gym, but a landmine is simply a loaded one sided barbell that you do exercises on.  The benefits of using a landmine include, total body training, increased heart, core strengthening, and it’s a great way to add some variety to your workout routine.  Here, I will give you three great exercises that will target the upper body.

Landmine Single Arm Row- This exercise focuses on the back.  Grab the bar with one hand, and stand where you facing away from where the landmine is locked in.  From there, keep your back flat and bend over to where your spine is roughly at a 45 degree angle.  From there, pull your elbow as high as you can and squeeze your back.

Landmine Single Arm Shoulder Press- To start, grab the end of the bar with one hand and keep your elbow in tight to your rib cage.  As your keep the core tight throughout the whole exercise, drive the bar away from your body, and slowly bring it back into starting position.  On this one, you will need to scoot your feet back to where they are slightly behind your shoulders.

Landmine Torso Rotation- This is a killer for the core!  Grab the end of the bar and imagine a string tied to your belly and your hands, and rotate the bar from one side of your hip to the other.

Try to 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps of these in your next workout!


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