Trainer Tip of the Week – Drink Plenty of Water!

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Everyone knows they need to be drinking water.  Heck, we’ve all heard that from childhood, all the way through adulthood.  For many people however, drinking water takes a backseat to sodas, tea, alcoholic beverages, and other sugary drinks.  I would like to point out some reasons why drinking a proper amount of water is crucial to your health, and just how much you should be drinking daily.
-Your body is made up of roughly 70% water, and just about every cell in your body has to have water to function properly.  In order to keep your cells working at optimal function, you must stay hydrated.  Staying properly hydrated helps with maintaining body temperature, digestion, creating saliva, and transporting nutrients your body needs
-Water is lost in your body everyday through urination, sweating, bowel movements, even breathing, so the water lost must be replaced.
-Water helps with weight loss.  Studies have shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal reduces calorie intake from food.  Try drinking 1-2 cups of water before each meal if your goal is weight loss.
-Helps with with headaches and migraines.  If you being to have a migraine or headache, the first thing you should do is consume 1-2 cups of water.
-Helps skin looks healthy.  Your skin has plenty of water in it, and dehydration makes your skin look wrinkled and dried out.
-Try consuming half your body weight in ounces of water, and give your body water first when it’s saying it is thirsty.

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