Trainer Tip of the Week – The Key to Proper Weight Gain

If your goal is to gain weight, let me be the first to congratulate you.  You are the envy of everyone, but hated by all those people as well!  On a more serious note, I know there are some whose [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Protein Shakes

Try this protein shake recipe for a nutritious breakfast, post-workout shake, meal replacement shake, or all three! 1 1/2 cups of 2% milk (you can use whatever milk you prefer) 1 medium to large [...]

Party Tips by Michelle

This weeks blog is dedicated to education!  Who says you can’t have fun while learning?  What better way than to take a FIELD TRIP to Premier Sportsplex and learn about fitness and [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Drink Plenty of Water!

Everyone knows they need to be drinking water.  Heck, we’ve all heard that from childhood, all the way through adulthood.  For many people however, drinking water takes a backseat to sodas, tea, [...]

Fast Food Alternatives

The average American is getting busier and busier every day. The fact that many families have more than one child involved in more than one activity does not help the problem of over scheduling [...]