Trainer Tip of the Week – The Effects Exercise Has on Your Heart

Exercise has endless benefits for your body, but none more so than the positive effects it has on your heart.  Your heart is the most important muscle in your body, so it’s crucial that you treat [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Strap High Row

Last week we covered the chest press using the straps to strengthen our chest.  This week however, we are going to cover the high row using the straps, which targets the opposite muscle group.  [...]

Chest Press on TRX straps

I love doing a chest a press on TRX straps, or any types of straps at the end of my chest workout.  Not only do you get an incredible pump, but you get much more core activation compared to a [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Eat your Vegetables

If you’re like me, growing up you were told to eat your vegetables!  Turns out, there’s quite a bit of truth as to why you should never skip out on your veggies.  First off, [...]