Trainer Tip of the Week – Strap High Row

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Last week we covered the chest press using the straps to strengthen our chest.  This week however, we are going to cover the high row using the straps, which targets the opposite muscle group.  This is a fantastic exercise that targets the upper back, and just like the chest press, you will really have to engage your core to maintain proper alignment and posture.  To start, grab the straps to where your palms face downwards toward your feet.  With your arms straight and the straps tight, walk your feet forward.  Keep in mind that the farther you walk your feet up, the more challenging the exercise will be.  From there, keep your butt and stomach tight, and pull your elbows as far back as you can and retract your shoulder blades.  As you squeeze your shoulder blades, there should be a straight line from one elbow to the other.  From there, release your body under control back to starting position.  From start to finish, there should be a straight line from your ears through your ankles, and the straps should remain tight at all times.
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