Chest Press on TRX straps

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I love doing a chest a press on TRX straps, or any types of straps at the end of my chest workout.  Not only do you get an incredible pump, but you get much more core activation compared to a regular push-up.  Along with more core activation, your body will also call upon the deeper muscles of the shoulder to be engaged, which is crucial to prevent injuries, and to maximize your strength gains.  To start, grab a pair of straps and put them at chest level (think about doing a push-up in more of an upright position).  From there, keep your butt and stomach tight as you let your whole body descend.  Once your elbows and shoulders are even with each other, squeeze your your chest as you bring your entire body back up to your starting position.  As your body descends and ascends, you should be maintaining a straight line from your ears through your ankles at all times.  To make this exercise more challenging, walk your feet back, and to make it easier, simply walk your feet up.

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