Trainer Tip of the Week – Stretching and Flexibilty

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Stretching and flexibility can often be a forgotten aspect of our health, but it is vitally important!  Did you know that stretching can not only help your physical flexibility (the ability to bend without breaking), but it also can reduce stress and help you mentally relax.  There are numerous types of stretches, but two that I want to focus on is dynamic stretching and static stretching.  It’s very important to add these into your routine to stay or get more flexible!
 Dynamic stretching is the body’s movement which causes stretching.  Dynamic stretching should always be done before your workout begins, and I always recommend doing this type of stretch on whatever body part you are working for 15-30 seconds, 1-3 times through.  For example, if you are going to work your shoulders, a dynamic stretch would be doing shoulder circles for 3 sets of 30 seconds before your workout begins.  Benefits of dynamic stretching include increased mobility, injury prevention, and getting the body part you are about to work blood flow and warmed up.
Static stretching is holding your body in a fixed or static static position for a period of time (preferably 15-30 seconds), in order to stretch out your muscles and connective tissue to their greatest length.  An example of static stretching would be someone reaching down towards their toes, and holding that position for 30 seconds in order to stretch their hamstrings.  This type of stretching is typically what comes to mind when people think of stretching, and it’s also to be to done at the end of your workout, or at some point in your day (except right before your workout).  I encourage a total body stretch daily, or at the very least stretch out the muscles you just worked.  Very important as well to focus on holding the stretch still, and not bounce or pulse.  Just a few benefits of static stretching include increased range of motion, injury prevention, better muscular balance, and reduction in lower back pain.

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