Trainer Tip of the Week – Exercising During Pregnancy, Part 1 of 2.

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There has been quite a bit of research over the years that prove that exercising during pregnancy can be greatly beneficial during the pregnancy, in labor, and after the pregnancy is over.  After you find out you’re pregnant, it’s always best to consult with your doctor about exercising and always follow his or her guidelines before continuing exercise.  Here are some things you might can expect in the first three trimesters.
In the first trimester of pregnancy, there are typically not many restrictions.  A few things to be aware of though is core temperature elevation, and fatigue.  At any point if you feel overly fatigued while exercising, stop immediately.  The second trimester however, loss of balance because of the growth of the child can become a concern.  For that reasoning it may be best to workout on machines, or have someone close by during an exercise involving free weights or standing up.  Also during the second trimester, it may be time to discontinue exercises laying on your stomach or back for the safety of the baby, and to ensure proper blood flow for the mother and the child.  The third trimester is really when balance becomes an issue due to the growth of the baby.  Typically, the weight of the pregnancy is usually around 25-30 lbs., so the mother is having to exert more energy just to accomplish everyday activities.  Very crucial in the third trimester to keep your core temperature and heart rate lower to avoid early labor.  Also, lifting heavier weights should be used with extreme caution or discontinued, because of over stress on the tendons and ligaments which become relaxed more later in pregnancy.

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