Trainer Tip – Lean and Green

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Numerous clients and people in the gym that I’m come in contact with have the goal of losing weight.  If this is you, then just know beforehand that what you eat plays a significant role in weight loss, or weight gain.  One technique that I have my clients do, and have seen great results from, is something that I call lean and green.  It’s very simple, but it does take some self discipline and dedication.  What you do is pick a certain time in the day (I recommend any from 5-6 hours before you go to bed), and eat nothing but lean meats and green vegetables.  Lean meats can include chicken, fish, lean red meat, turkey, etc.  Green Vegetables can include spinach, broccoli, bell peppers, cucumbers, kale, etc.  I have found that some people have trouble getting enough protein in their diet, and also have trouble getting enough vegetables.  Doing this will ensure that you are adding both of these in your daily diet, and it’s also a great low calorie meal!

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