Trainer Tip – Back Extension

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Having a strong lower back is crucial in order to prevent injuries, maintaining proper posture, and having an over all strong core.  Back extensions are a fantastic exercise to help build a strong lower back, and you don’t even need any equipment to perform this exercise either.  To start, lay in prone position (face down, stomach on floor) with your toes on the ground, and fingertips ear level.  Keeping your toes on the ground and fingertips at ear level throughout the whole exercise, simply lift your chest up as high as you can, then return back under control into starting position.  As you come up to your highest point during a back extension, you should really feel your lower back contract.  If you want to get more glutes involved, you can lift your feet up off the ground as you bring your chest off the ground.  Try doing 2-4 sets, 1-3 days per week of back extensions to develop a strong lower back!

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