Trainer Tip of the Week – Combo Sets

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Combo setting is one of my favorite ways to train.  A combo set is similar to a super set, but whereas a super set is back to back exercises that target opposing muscle groups (think about doing a back exercise, followed by a chest exercise), a combo set is doing back to back exercises that target the same muscle group.  An example of a combo set to target your shoulders would be doing a shoulder press, followed by a lateral raise.  I typically like to add combo sets in towards the end of my workouts to bring the targeted muscle group to complete failure.  This does put a good amount of stress on the targeted muscle group, so be sure you don’t over train.  I recommend adding in only 3 or 4 combo sets to your workout.
Here are some examples of combo sets you can do:
Leg extensions, followed by jump squats.
Chest flies, followed by push-ups.
Reverse flies, followed by seated cable rows.
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