Trainer Tip of the Week – Pull-up and Chin-up

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The pull-up and chin-up are common exercises, but also extremely effective for building upper body strength (mainly the back muscles and biceps).  The pull-up is done with an overhand grip position that puts most of the focus on the lats, and the lower trapezius (middle of back).  The chin-up however, is done with a reverse grip.  The chin-up still focuses on the lats, but activates more of the bicep and less of the lower trap.  Both very effective exercises, and both should be a staple in your routine.  To begin, grip the bar over head just slightly wider than shoulder width.  From there, pull yourself up until the bar reaches the top of the chest, then slowly lower your body back down into your start starting position (arms should be straight in your starting position).  If either of these two are too challenging for you, a great alternative is to do a lat pull down instead.
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