Trainer Tip of the Week- Battle Ropes

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Image result for battle ropesOver the past few years, battle ropes have become much more popular in box gyms. Truth be told, I have a become a huge fan as well.  Battle ropes provide a low impact, but challenging workout for your overall shoulder area, and can increase your heart rate as well.  Other benefits include increased core strength, and you can add in lower body movements as you train with the battle ropes to increase lower body strength.  Here are some examples of exercises you can do with the battle ropes.
The Wave- Hold the battle ropes, and stand with your feet hip width to shoulder width apart , knees slightly bent, and core engaged (this is your standard stance).  Once you’re in proper position, make a wave with the battle ropes by moving your shoulders up and down.
The Power Slam- Similar to the wave, but instead of focusing on making a wave, try slamming the ropes as hard as you can to the ground.
Lateral Wave or The Snake-  This also is very similar to the wave, but instead of making a wave with the ropes going up and down, think about make wave going side to side on the ground.
If you want to add in lower body to any of these, try holding a squat position, do reverse lunges, or do squats as you work the rope.  Try adding in 3 sets of 30 seconds of battle ropes into your next workout!
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