TRX Suspension Training

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Suspension training has become much more popular over the years, and the benefits are numerous.  TRX training was actually invented by a Navy Seal, so you know it has to be challenging!  Here are some benefits of suspension training.
-You use your own body weight as resistance, so there is very little equipment needed to get a great total body workout.
-Great for building strength, and burning fat.  Suspension training will cause you to engage every muscle in your body, and cause you to use more of your inner stabilizer muscles, and not just your larger outer muscles.  Increasing strength in your stabilizer muscles will decrease the risk of injury, and lead to increased strength in your bigger lifts such as your bench press, squats, and deadlifts.
-Anyone can use it!  Whether you’re 25 or 75, a beginner to fitness, or at an advanced stage, TRX training can provide an appropriate challenge.
-Great for cardiovascular training.
-Very low impact, which puts little pressure on your joints.
Are seeing the results you would like to see in your training program?  If not, I would love to help you!  You can reach me at 806-789-2529 or at brianvaligura@gmail.com

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