Barbell vs. Dumbbells

The barbell and dumbbells are some of the most common pieces of equipment in the weight room.  While both are incredibly effective for building muscle, both serve different purposes.  If your [...]

TRX Suspension Training

Suspension training has become much more popular over the years, and the benefits are numerous.  TRX training was actually invented by a Navy Seal, so you know it has to be challenging!  Here are [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Over Training

Did you know that during exercise you are actually breaking down your body, and making it weaker?  The repair and rebuilding process actually happens after you are finished.  Therefore, it is of [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Eccentric Training

There are two motions of the lift when resistance training, which is the eccentric contraction, and the concentric contraction.  Working a muscle eccentrically (otherwise known as the negative [...]