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The scale is typically the most popular barometer to use for people trying to lose weight.  The first thing I’d like to point out is that weight loss shouldn’t necessarily be your goal, but fat loss should be.  Since fat loss is a more specific and proper goal, the number on the scale might not be the best barometer for you to use.  Why is that?  The reason the scale might not be the best barometer for you to use, is because if your goal is fat loss, resistance training should be an important part of your program.  When you properly resistance train, your body will begin to build muscle, and muscle is more dense than fat.  For example, if you had a handful of muscle in one hand, and a handful of fat in the other, the handful of muscle would feel heavier because of its greater density.  Since this is the case, a better barometer to use would be body fat percentage, and/or measurements.  If you are constantly fighting the number on the scale, please don’t get discouraged!  I encourage you to find a trainer to help you get proper measurements, and/or your body fat percentage, then begin to go by those numbers instead of the scale.  Once you are less focused on the scale, I encourage you to retest your measurements, and/or body fat percentage every 4-6 weeks.

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