Trainer Tip – Add Drop Sets Into Your Routine to Build Muscle!

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Image result for drop setsDrop sets are a classic technique that bodybuilders use to increase the size of their muscles.  Ladies, don’t let that scare you!  Trust me, you won’t get “bulky” by implementing the drop set technique.  I train myself using drop sets, and I implement the drop set in for many of my clients as well!
In order to increase the size of your muscle fibers (hypertrophy), your muscles need to reach the point of failure.  Drop sets are a fantastic way to ensure that not only the first layer of muscle fibers are being hit, but the deeper layers of muscle fibers are too.  Not only that, but drop sets are a great way to increase blood flow to the targeted muscle group (this is known as feeling the pump!), and to elevate the heart rate.  There are numerous ways to implement a drop set, but favorite way is to add one or two in on my last set on whatever exercise I’m doing.  For example, I might do 4 sets of 8 repetitions on the chest press, but on my last set I will reduce the weight, and then proceed to give as many reps as I can until I reach failure.  I recommend no more than 10 seconds after your last set is when you should begin your drop set.  If you want to burn out using less reps and more weight, decrease the weight by less than 25 or 30%.  This is known as a tight drop set.  A wide drop set however, is when you decrease the weight by more than 30%.  Doing wide drop sets will allow you to burn out using less weight with more reps. Both techniques are extremely effective to increase muscular size.  Drop sets are considered a high intensity technique, so in order to prevent over-training, I recommend no more than 1-3 drop sets per muscle group for each workout.

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