Trainer Tip of the Week – Dumbbell Reverse Fly

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  If you caught my tip last week, we went over the standing cable fly which focuses on the chest.  This week however, I’d like to go over the reverse fly, which targets your rear deltoids.  It’s important to incorporate the reverse fly into your routine if the chest fly is, because you don’t want to create any imbalances.  To start, grab a pair of dumbbells that you know you can accomplish at least 10 repetitions with while keeping good form.  From there, you want to bend over using your hips until your chest is parallel to the ground (keep your back flat as well).  If you aren’t that flexible, it’s ok to bend the knees some.  When your chest is parallel to the ground, let the dumbbells hang directly below your chest.  Keeping a slight bend in the elbows, from there you want to swing the dumbbells out wide until you feel your shoulders retract. Once the shoulders retract, control the weight back into the starting position.  Remember, the shoulder joint should be the only joint moving.  Your elbows should be slightly bent, but stationary throughout the entire movement.  Try 3 or 4 sets of 15 reps in your next workout!

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