Trainer Tip of the Week – Staying Healthy and Fit Through The Holidays

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The holiday season is here again!  The time of year where delicious foods and desserts abound.  However, unfortunately this time of year is when I notice people slacking on their workouts and eating healthy too.  Here I would like to give you some pointers on how to stay fit and healthy through the holidays!
First bit of advice is DO NOT SKIP WORKOUTS!  It’s so easy this time of year to get thrown off routine, and the first thing to go are your workouts.  If this is the case, I encourage you to get a workout partner of some sort to help hold you accountable. This could be a friend, relative, or even a trainer.  A big plus about a trainer, is you don’t have to think about what you’re going to do.  Just show up, and follow his or her orders!  Also, if you find that finding time this time of year is an issue, you might consider high intensity workouts.  I’m a fan of high intensity workouts, and a big reason is they are efficient on time.  You can get a killer workout in as little as 15-30 minutes.
Another aspect of this time of year is the food.  It’s easy to indulge in all the sweets and delicious food, but try to keep it in moderation.  One way I watch my nutrition this time of year, is I try not to have any sugar or carbs past a certain time (5:00 is the time I choose). I’ve found this to be very effective to keep me from taking in too many unwanted and empty calories.
Do you need any help in achieving your fitness goals?  Reach me at 806-789-2529 or at Brianvaligura@gmail.com

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