Trainer Tip of the Week – Rowing

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The rower is one of my favorite pieces of equipment that a gym can offer.  Not only is it one of the best calorie burning exercises you can do, but it is a great option for those with knee pain as well, because it is very low impact on your joints.  All that being said, the rower is frequently done incorrectly.  To start rowing, you want to put your feet in the foot placement, and pull the straps tight over the widest part of your foot.  From there, grab the handle bars at the widest point.  With your chest up, drive through your legs until full extended, then lean back slightly using your core, and finish it off by pulling the handle bar underneath your chest.  On the way forward, bring your arms straight first, then tilt forward using your core, then bend your legs and reach forward.  An easy way to remember the form is going back think legs first, then arms, and on the way forward think arms first, then legs.  If you’re looking for a great total body, calorie blasting workout, come to Premier Sportsplex and try our rower!

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