Trainer Tip of the Week – How to Build Muscle Effectively and Efficiently

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How to Build Muscle Effectively and Efficiently- Focusing on the Major Muscle Groups

If your goal is to build muscle, it’s crucial that you put the majority of your focus on your larger muscle groups (back, legs, chest, shoulder, and even core), compared to your smaller muscle groups (biceps, triceps, calves).  The reason for this, is because your larger muscle groups contain much more muscle fibers compared to your smaller muscle groups, therefore they need more work to grow and get stronger.  Not only that, but many exercises you do for your larger muscle groups can activate a smaller muscle group as well.  Think about a chin-up.  A chin-up is a fantastic exercise to increase strength in you’re back, but your biceps are under tension as well, which will cause them to get stronger.  Sometimes I like to combine my back and biceps in the same workout.  When I do this, I do all my exercises for my back first before I even think about doing any type of curl for my biceps.  Sometimes my biceps are worked enough from all my back work, that I don’t even need to target them specifically afterwards.
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