Trainer Tip of the Week – Superset

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The super set is a commonly used technique by gym goers of all types.  Personally, I like to do super sets when I am running short on time as it’s a great time saving technique.  What exactly is a super set and why is it effective?  A superset is doing two exercises back to back (preferably opposing muscle groups), with little to no rest in between each set (preferably opposing body parts such as chest/back, triceps/biceps, etc.).  For example, I may do a set of bicep curls, and then immediately do a set of tricep press downs right after I finish my bicep curls.  Doing this will allow me to cut back on my workout time, and make the time I spend in the gym much more efficient.  Not only that, but I have found when supersetting bigger body parts (chest, back, shoulders, and legs), my heart rate can really begin to elevate, so you could even sometimes consider a super set to be a high intensity technique.  Give the super set a try, and see how much more effective your time in the gym can be!

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