Abdominal Crunch and Plank-Which One is More Effective?

Both the abdominal crunch and the plank are fairly common exercises people do to strengthen their core.  Although both are quality exercises, I believe that the plank is a little more effective [...]

Add Some Distance to Your Golf Game

The golf swing is a great example of something called spinal rotation.  Literally you are rotating your spine when you swing a golf club.  Let’s look at a few exercises that mimic the golf swing [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Are you doing a push-up correctly?

The push-up is one of the most fundamental, and best exercises to build upper body strength.  However, even though it is a common exercise, I still see it performed incorrectly.  Did you know [...]

Trainer Tip of the Week – Exercising During Pregnancy, Part 2 of 2

Last week we covered the first three trimesters of pregnancy, and what you could possibly expect to happen.  This week I would like to cover exercises and activities that could benefit you, and [...]