Trainer Tip of the Week – The Versa-tube!

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The versatube is a great piece of equipment, and should be a consistent staple in your routine no matter what fitness level you are on!  One of the many reasons it is so effective, is because they are very easy on the joints.  If I have a client who is rehabilitating an injury, the versa-tube is usually one of the first pieces of equipment I turn to.  Also, I have found some of my elderly clients, and beginner clients benefit greatly from the versa-tube as well.  Some are too weak to use a bar or dumbbells for certain exercises, so we are able to use a versa-tube to accomplish our goal.  Last but not least, elite athletes can benefit from them too.  If I’m working with an elite athlete, or even sometimes at the end of my own workout, I will do 3-5 burnout sets on a certain exercise to focus on speed and power. Versa-tubes range in difficulty from yellow being the easiest, then green, red, blue, then black.

Watch a demo on Youtube https://youtu.be/j31KgFNLSOU

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